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The Fudge system is available for use under the Open Game License!

This means that if you're creating Fudge material for yourself or even for publication (whether for free or commercially), you can use any Fudge material released under the Open Game License without hunting down copyright permissions from the original authors. You can also create original Fudge material and release it under the Open Game License for others to use. 

To use Fudge with the Open Game License (OGL), you'll need the Fudge System Reference Document.

The Fudge SRD contains all of the Fudge material in this initial release that falls under the Open Game License.

Appendix I in the Fudge SRD contains the Open Game License, version 1.0a

As a courtesy, please include the "About This Fudge Roleplaying Game Document" and "About Fudge" text in your product. (See the Fudge OGL Requirements article for the full text to include.)

Here are the things you must do to comply with the Open Game License's legal requirements. If you don't take these steps, you will be violating copyright laws and may be sued by the copyright holders.)

1. Include a copy of the Open Game License in your product. (See Copyrights and the OGL or the Fudge System Reference Document for the text of the Open Game license.)

2. Update Section 15 of the Open Game License in your product with the proper copyright information. (See the Fudge OGL Requirements article for more information.)

Note: The version of Section 15 of the OGL that appears in your product must include the copyright notices from Section 15 provided with the material you are using that others have released under the OGL. Add your own copyright information to Section 15 so that your copyrights will be properly transferred if anyone else uses your material under the OGL.

3. Include text designating "Open Game Content" and "Product Identity" in your product. The former lists the material you are releasing under the Open Game License so others can use it under the terms of the OGL. The latter describes any material you are excluding from the material others can use.

Note: You can NOT claim any material as "Product Identity" if it was previously released as "Open Game Content." Nor can you claim any material as "Product Identity" if it is not something you own the copyrights to, either because you created the material yourself or because you acquired the copyrights from the copyright holder.


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