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One good thing about the Internet:

If you find kittens in your garage after the vet's office closes and you've never raised kittens before, you can find everything you need to know online.

Within an hour of getting home, I was using a syringe to feed them kitten formula cobbled together from ingredients found in the house. (The syringes are for allergy shots, which Nico, our dog, and Zephyr, my horse, get on a regular basis. If I didn't have those, I would have used an eye dropper.)

Here are some of the best kitten-raising resources I've found these past few weeks.

Care and Feeding:

Kitten Care Handbook Everything you really need to know about raising abandoned kittens - including the Emergency Kitten Fornula recipe I used until I could get some KMR (kitten milk replacement formula from PetAg) from the pet store. I had everything on hand for Formula #3 (evaporated milk, egg yolk, karo syrup) and the kittens loved it.

Orphan Kittens Yahoo Group Here you can connect with many other people who are raising orphaned or abandoned kittens, some of whom have been raising kittens for years! The archives are a treasure trove of information (although they do require some time to wade through), and the archived files include the recipe for "Kitten Glop," a milk replacement formula based on evaporated goats milk. The kittens prefer this over the KMR.

Raising a Healthy Kitten A good summary of kitten vitals, developmental stages (to help determine how old they are), and feeding.

All About Taking Care of Orphaned Kittens Similar to the Kitten Care Handbook in scope, with a lot of good advice about raising kittens.

Socialization and Training

Can You Socialize a Kitten? The basics of socializing, desensitizing, and training kittens.

Socialization and Your Cat Basic introduction to cat socialization - why it's necessary and how to do it.

Cat Aggression and Socialization: Feline Aggression: Biting, Fighting, Scratching, Attacking. An article exploring cat aggression and what to do about it. With links to related articles (Biting and Scratching, More on Cat Biting, Rambunctious Behavior, Territorial Nature of the Cat, Predatory Nature of the Cat, Social Behavior of the Cat, Basic Cat Training).

Clicker Training Your Cat and Kitten An introduction to clicker training for kittens.

Cat-Clickers A Yahoo group for clicker training cats.

A Bit of Humor

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