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While some of the available Fudge Files are available for public download, many require membership in the site to access them. Membership is free! Simply Register using the Login module to the left. There are many other benefits to membership as well.

If you have Fudge-related material you'd like to contribute by uploading here, please read the Fudge Open Game License Requirements article first, and follow the instructions there to prepare your file as a Fudge File.

Thank you!
Containers Folders/Files
Fudge adventures for various settings and genres.
Character sheets for Fudge games.
Support files such as character sheets, charts, promotional material, etc. for commercial Fudge products.
Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition Files (0/8) Terra Incognita Files (0/0)
Core "Vanilla Fudge" files such as the 1995 Fudge rules, the Fudge System Reference Document, and more.
"Fudge Builds" are selections of rules options designed to work together to support a genre or setting, with many choices already made for the GM. May include some setting material as well, but are not necessarily complete "games."
Complete Fudge games including all the rules and setting information necessary to play.
Fudge-related logos, icons, and other images go here!
Files for Fudge Publishers
Files for Fudge in languages other than English
Archivos de Fudge en Español (0/0) Deutsche Fudge Dateien (0/0)
Fudge Limas no Português (0/0)
Any file that doesn't fit into the available Fudge Files categories should go here. Feel free to recommend a new category!
Optional rules to expand the core Fudge materal.

Fudge campaign settings.

Tables and charts for Fudge and fudge-related games.

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