PC abilities

PC abilities

I now need to narrow the Attribute traits to ones that I would would use.

There is a tradeoff between familiarity and unique attribute trait names. Fantasy games have similar named attributes, even fantasy fudge.

In the core 1.3 mentions Body, Mind, Soul and has a general list of common names  for sub attributes.

Many in the list are used in different games.  Normally there is Body some sort of strength, power, force as well as speed attributes like quickness, dexterity, agility and health attributes such as fitness, health, constitution, endurance, ; the game speaks of Damage Capacity for melee, which has an attribute option; Mind some sort of intelligence, reasoning, intellect, perception, awareness; Soul some sort of charisma, intuition, wisdom, willpower,

Though in fudge, Attributes don't give as many bonuses to unopposed and opposed rolls like attribute stat bonus games. Strength (connected to scale?) it seems from the rules sometimes can be figured into melee damage. In a few variations, sometimes health or damage capacity (unique attribute?) affects wound tracks. I don't see avoidance speed modifiers by attributes, more focused on scale for speed.

In normal skills rolls, attributes it seems is kept unique and weakened, to prevent focusing on attributes and neglecting skill development. When they are used, sometimes it comes with a penalty along with default skill level. So do most do scale for everything, or scale + attributes covering strength for melee, attribute for speed  (avoidance , attack speed) to affect combat?

Possible Attribute List for Ancient American Fantasy game
Body: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution and (maybe a avoidance such as Agility or make it a gift/fault)   Mental: Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower    Others: Perception, Charisma     As well as a personality type based on archetype or Five factor traits.  Maybe something for magic energy power pool for magic users, possibly connected to intelligence, wisedom, willpower, gift, or a skill. and something either connected to constitution for health or wound track.

I like the idea of healthier and larger scale PCs, NPCs, and creatures having larger wound tracks based on a stat. I see this in video games, and it seems to reflect fantasy world.  A dragon has a larger wound track than a human. However, the trade off would be more paper work and less roleplaying. The scale seems to take care of the wound track, making it harder to damage, not changing the size of the wound track. And damage capacity could account for variations in humanoid in addition to gifts/faults.

I have to think on the benefits of attributes such as familiarity, versus adding too much paperwork and stat blocking.

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